Today’s trends lead to the same attention paid to external spaces as in interior design. The idea is that outer space becomes a “second living room” that will allow complete enjoyment and relaxation. For this reason, it is extremely important to pay special attention to the choice of floor coverings. When selecting the floor covering of a loggia, balcony or terrace, it is important to choose materials that are weather resistant, and most commonly are ceramic tiles, stone, teak and thermopilated wooden lining.


Although ceramic tiles are most commonly present in the entrance areas for easier maintenance and cleaning, parquets are increasingly present, especially if the entrance space is actually a corridor, ie a temporary connection between the sleeping area and the living room, which is a common case in today’s new building. Then it is certainly more pleasant that this connection is a warm, wooden floor than a cold ceramic tile. In addition to the functional reason, there is also aesthetic – visual impression is better when coated with the same material. You can put your trust over the well known singapore flooring company now.

Try to clear your home away from excessive things that only accumulate dust and create a mess. Simply get rid of them and try on the shelves to have as little stuff as possible to make your home look neater. The more stacks you have, the more you have to do more work to do. Give up some of the extra things to someone, or put them in a special box, which you save in the storage room and change it as needed to refresh the space in your home.

And the most important thing to keep your space clear is that all family members always keep their things up to themselves so that they do not create unnecessary mess. Learn your kids from your little feet on the shelter yourself, and later you’ll be easier.

Hired working days often tire up our pace and we can hardly wait to get home, eat something and get out in front of the TV with their loved ones. Who will cook, wash clothes and prepare children for kindergarten, school and other things? And when after a hard day you announce the guests as long as your house is in the urnebit, you come to cry.

But we have a solution. We have collected all the possible tricks for you to make your house ready for the most critical guests in half an hour. A well known part time maid is the best deal there.

Collect the laundry and put it in the basket

To sort out dirty and clean now you do not have the time, the simplest thing is to pick it up and put it in the basket. If anything does not fit in the basket, put something in the washer. Just after the guests go, do not forget to take it out and take out what to do with it.