Are you planning a surreal wedding? Weddings are such a delight, aren’t they?

At wedding, the highlight is music, as it gels perfect at the wedding eve; it’s mesmerizing not just for the bride and the groom but also for their guests who take away the best wedding experience of all. Any wedding is incomplete without some music, to add to the romance in the air. There are many factors to consider while choosing the right kind of instruments that would perfect complement the ceremony that would be hard to forget. morans restaurant

Finding the right place

There would many sites that would provide you all the kind of information, a good research can get us good results that would fall in our favour in all aspects. There are many sites that would provide us different kind of music for all sorts of occasions be it for wedding, special events or even personalized occasions. It all depends on the wedding, is it a grand affair with many guests, or a private ceremony with handpicked guests, according to that the number and the types of instruments are to be considered.

Number and types of instruments


One musician for every 50 guests over 150 can be set as a ground rule to determine, how many instruments are to be used. This helps in understanding the type of wedding instruments as well the sound which is needed to hear by each guest, it should not be too loud nor too low but comfortable.

It is important to get in touch of professional musicians that use their own equipment’s and have experience. There are many types of wedding instruments like, unamplified, amplified, sound reinforcement, acoustic consideration and much more. Unamplified instruments are made of brass and give high volume naturally like the trumpet and flutes. The softest are the stringed instruments such as the violin, cello and harp.

Amplified instruments work with amplifiers, like electric guitar, guitars, bass and electric violin. Apart from that, the organ, which is widely used at church weddings, all the wedding music can be played with this instrument right from the prelude to the postlude and everything in between. The piano, is delight at every wedding, with its beautiful sound it adds a charisma in the air and makes everyone to start tapping their foot. There are many wedding instruments such as the string quartet, trumpet and harp that bring a different atmosphere of peace and happiness for everyone.

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